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"Kat is an incredibly talented copywriter. The passion for what she does gets constantly reflected in the quality of work she delivers. I felt like she understood my voice so well that I hardly had to tweak anything of the copy she created for me. She meets each deadline diligently and implements every feedback so quickly I was the one struggling to keep up, at some point. If you are looking for a copywriter who won't disappoint you or make you waste precious time, she is the real deal."

Cecilia Sardeo CEO at Mindvalley Italy, Founder, Co-founder

"Katarzyna helped @Kredytmarket to become the most customer friendly marketplace lending platform in Poland. Her copy makes business loan application process such a nice experience, that even negatively scored customers give us positive feedback, they are ready to recommend us in social media and are likely to apply again in the future. Great piece of work from Kat!"

Robert Mucha Business Development Manager at Polska Platforma Kredytowa S.A.

"I've been working with Kat for the past 6 months and when we met she said 'I promise you , you'll be satisfied, just trust me'. Let's just say you've got to know your craft and be confident in what you do, if you can reassure people from this place. She has completely transformed how I feel about sending people to my website. I feel clearer and people 'get it and get me'. She's truly amazing. I've no intention of letting her go from my business, she's a keeper."

Yvette Puliga Personal Transformation Coach

"Kat is an outstanding energetic expert, whom we are fortunate enough to work with for a few years at Tribe47 after meeting her as a friend at Mindvalley. Kat is very intelligent and hard working - any job assigned she completes on time with amazing mix of creativity and ability to take customer to exact point where we want him to be in our sales process."

Jakub Szalaty COO & Co-founder of Tribe47

"Kat stands out from the crowd when it comes to her writing skills! She is a brilliant digital copywriter AND a great marketer. It was so refreshing to work with someone on a website project that really understands websites, online marketing and branding. I recently developed a website for Yvette Puliga and Kat produced the copy. I have to say I am more than impressed, not only with the content produced but the whole process, which was smooth, quick and so organised. She beats deadlines and delivers the copy for feedback in a simple and efficient way for both the client and myself to review and provide feedback which I could then quickly implement – this was like web design on steroids! On top of that it was great to also have her input and feedback on layouts and design so we could showcase the content and client in the best light ... I cannot wait to work with Kat again. She an amazing person and would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Kat, I am so glad I met you."

Karen Black Entrepreneur, Founder & Website Specialist at HubFizz

"Współpracowałam z Kasią przy projekcie rozbudowanej broszury dotyczącej oprogramowania dedykowanego firmom inżynieryjnym. Uzyskany efekt przeszedł nasze najśmielsze oczekiwania, przygotowane teksty zostały przygotowane z dbałością o każdy szczegół, doskonale dobrane do grupy odbiorczej. Kasia jest osobą niezwykle kontaktową, bardzo sympatyczną i przede wszystkim profesjonalną, doskonale zna się na swoim fachu. Współpraca z Kasią to czysta przyjemność i gwarancja rewelacyjnych rezultatów."

Alicja Konstantynowicz Marketing & Sales Manager at Wayman Ltd.

"I hired Kat to write emails for me. These emails were well written, delivered on time. Instead of just writing emails, she gave me a coherent strategy to go along with them. She is a master of her craft, and will surely help any client she works for improve their engagement, brand, and most importantly their bottom line. If you are looking for well written, strategy emails that work: I could not recommend anyone more highly than Kat."

Samuel P. N. Cook Partner at Apzumi

"This woman is a godsend, in every sense of the word! Intelligent, humorous, grounded, self-respecting, dedicated and on a perpetual quest to learn and develop. (...) Not only that, but given her own fascination to understand how the human mind works, she really gets buyer psychology. Given this, she's a constant source of ideas, not only from a creative perspective, but from a marketing angle, too. I had the opportunity to work with Katarzyna at Mindvalley, and if given the chance, I'd snap up any chance to work with her again."

Deanna Romano Editor and Content Marketer at marvVy

"It's been a great pleasure to work with Kat. She is a skilled copywriter and great colleague to work with and learn from. (...) Her research is always solid and she has an incredible skill of "hearing" the audience - which leads to long-lasting results. In my daily work with other copywriters I've never seen someone so dedicated and efficient with building long-term quality while delivering instant results. (...) If you need a copy in English or Polish - I highly recommend Kat."

Joanna Grudzinska Advertising Specialist at Mindvalley

"Copywriting is an art, and Kat has a natural talent for it. (...) She is great at understanding the unique voice of various brands and people, and knows how to adjust the copy to fit the personality of who she is working for. She understands business, marketing and sales, which makes working with her very smooth. (...) I can absolutely and confidently recommend her."

Magda (Kay) Kwiatkowska Business Consultant & Life Coach

"I have worked with Kat on several projects and observed her growth in the field of professional direct response copywriting. There is definitely not many people out there who can do such excellent copy directed to both Polish and English audience. I can definitely recommend Kat!"

Ewa Wysocka Founder of Tribe47

"Z Kasią miałem okazję współpracować przy projekcie e-learningowym Life and Career Management System. Jej doświadczenie w copywritingu, znajomość branży i umiejętność dopasowania do klienta spowodowały, że powstawanie tekstów (w sumie ponad 100 stron) poszło sprawnie i terminowo. Polecam!"

Szymon Berbeka Chief Operations Officer

"Kat is very professional and when it comes to awesome, heart-centred sales copy she certainly knows her stuff. Compliant copy (for Paid traffic policies) is always a must and she can be considered an expert in this area too. Great at communication. We'd love to keep her all to ourselves but sometimes the great ones have to be publicly loved out loud."

Andrew Shorten Co-Founder at Greater Minds

"Not only is Kat a phenomenal copywriter and storyteller, but also a remarkably insightful team lead as well. I had the privilege of working with Kat for several years and she lead our team through any challenge that came our way—and made sure spirits were high through it all! She is the epitome of what I would consider powerful embodied female leadership. And with the skills to boot, she is the full package. If you're considering hiring Kat for a project or role, whether it be short or long-term, I cannot recommend her more highly. I would stake my reputation on the work she does. If she has availability, take advantage of it while you can and hire her before I do! "

Colton Swabb The Apex Consultant Method

"Kat is a joy to work with, she really cares about her work and I loved our initial conversation in which she felt into my own passion and excitement for the project before she decided how aligned the project was with her. She worked with us until we got the copy perfect. She did this with a lot of care and patience, finding the perfect balance between listening to what we wanted and her own professional suggestion. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. "

Louise Graham Breakthrough with Louise

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