Enjoy copy that:

  • Actually sounds like YOU;
  • Is relevant and creates value;
  • Gets your message across and makes it unforgettable;
  • Highlights your mission, expertise and talents;
  • Tells your story without sounding douchey;
  • Moves and persuades without being pushy;
  • Makes your job (and life) somewhat more cushy.

(See what I did there?)

Work stuff

I had a chance to learn and grow in cross-cultural teams, ranging from a 4-person startup to a 200-people-strong international company. In that time I created a lush potpourri of copy — sales pages, content emails, funnels, video scripts, product descriptions, blog posts... You name it, I've probably done it.

I believe copywriting is both a science and an art. A good copywriter should be creative AND scientific to produce exciting copy and results.

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From cyber security... to personal growth, coaching and yoga... to herbal teas and gothic fashion e-commerce. I've written copy for all sorts of clients and markets across the globe — mainly for the global English-speaking crowd, but also for the German, Polish and Indonesian audience.

This copywriting portfolio has just a tiny taster of my digital work. Please, dig in.

If you're into growth hacking, then probably there's no need to introduce Verne Harnish and Growth Institute. I delivered copy for the launch of their new e-course. It included: a sales page, video scripts, social media, ads, emails and more. Examples below.

Link Link Link Link

A few brand and sales pages from an ongoing project with CQURE — an ace team of Ethical Hackers and Windows Security pros. They are smashing industry stereotypes with the marvel Paula as CEO and leading expert.

Link | Link | Link | Link | Link

Beducated (previously Omooni) is a creator and publisher of courses focused on sexual education and Tantra. I had the pleasure of writing a few sales pages for them like: Master Lover, Yoni Egg and Tantric Massage courses.

Link Link Link Link

A few sales pages for PREDICA — a team of MVPs, Microsoft experts and connoisseurs of geeky jokes. In just 3 years of existence, they've delivered over 650 successful projects in 18 countries around the world. These guys are on fire!

Link | Link | Link | Link | Link | Link

Harvard Club of Poland organises an annual competition called 'Droga na Harvard' ('Path to Harvard') to help local talents find their way to study in Boston. Copy was written in Polish.

Link | Link | Link | Link

A sales page for Wealth Beyond Reason — an advanced e-course on mastering the Law of Attraction, created by Bob Doyle (you might know him from 'The Secret') and Greater Minds.


A sales page for Three Dimensional Coaching — an e-course for coaches and leaders, based on a method developed over 40 years by Blaine Bartlett. I went through it myself & can highly recommend it.


An example of e-course materials for Zenward — an online yoga platform, based on subscription. I’m a yoga teacher myself, so this year-long project (pages, emails, funnels, blog content curation etc.) went like a dream.


Cecilia Sardeo is an Italian thought leader teaching marketing, personal growth, and yoga. I helped her co-create some of her content videos for Facebook series #CeciWeekly (she then translated them into Italian).


A sales page for The Visibile Woman coaching e-course, by one of the best life & business coaches for women in the US — Gina DeVee. Women empowerment is a cause very close to my heart, so it was a pleasure working on this project.


Sales pages (in Polish) as an example of my 3-year collaboration with yet another online yoga platform — Portal Yogi. These guys are ultra active, creating not only online courses, but also offline yoga events & retreats.

Link | Link

A sales page for organic herbal teas preventing and treating UTI. I really like their discreet packaging — it was designed to make no mention of UTI or any urinary matters, so that you can leave it on your office desk without embarrassment.


A sales page for Zentrepreneur — an online platform for entrepreneurs, with monthly coaching sessions & 20+ hours of content available on signup. What’s amazing about this project — it really focuses on the community.


The first Polish fintech that created an online system to grant business loans quickly, safely and at low rates. During a year-long collaboration, I created for them video scripts, sales pages, emails, social media posts and ads — and more. Examples below.

Link Link Link Link Link Link

About Us & Media from a year-long collaboration with Queen Of Darkness — one of the leading brands in Gothic & Punk fashion. I wrote copy for them across the board — emails, pages, etc.— in both English & German.

Link | Link

In 2015 HENKEL ran a TV ad competition for their detergent, Der General. We teamed up with talented Mate Valtr and won the 3rd-place prize. I contributed mainly by coming up with the final scene and playing a housewife.


Some random stuff know, to connect on a more personal level.

1/ If we ever end up in a bar, you’ll find me drilling the staff with unnecessarily detailed questions about their wine collection, pretending I differentiate between Albariño 1986 and Viognier 2021 — when in reality I just know it’s gonna be dry, white and it will hurt the next day.

2/ When I’m not sculpting paragraphs for your new, exciting project — or pretending to be a wine connoisseur — you’ll find me giving unsolicited life advice on Cheeky Yoga Club. If you’re curious about FUNctional movement, the transformative power of breathwork and that trending mindfulness thing, poke me on Instagram.

3/ This is where I show off my comprehension of The Rule of Three — and wrap things up, asking you to get in touch via the form below (CTA!)

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