From cyber security, fintech and medical software, to personal growth and coaching, to bestselling health supplements... I've had the pleasure to co-create amazing projects for all sorts of markets across the globe.

A taster of my digital work below.

Some random stuff

1/ When I’m not sculpting paragraphs for your new, exciting project, you’ll find me giving unsolicited life advice on Cheeky Yoga Club. If you’re curious about FUNctional movement, the transformative power of breathwork and that trending mindfulness thing, poke me on Instagram or check out my website.

2/ My gently masochistic nature takes a delight in throwing myself various challenges. That includes eating delicacies like fish eyes, durian and crickets (not simultaneously). Or giving up alcohol, coffee and all types of desserts for one year each. Or moving by myself to Malaysia without knowing anyone.

3/ This is where I show off my comprehension of The Rule of Three — and wrap things up, asking you to get in touch via the form below (CTA!)

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